Holger Kinski

Holger Kinski


Holger Kinski

I’d love to see our pianos bring back some old traditions, like making music at home with the family.

The first time I looked inside a piano, I loved it. The way these instruments work, the design of the action, the separate joints, the whole technology inside them – it fascinated me completely.

When I think of my field of work, pressing the piano rims, the important thing is to work with the greatest-possible precision and to build a piano with the perfect join sizes all around and all the bore gauges correct. In a way, I’m a kind of mid-wife – I bring the piano, the actual shape you can later see and touch, into this world. Niendorf also employs cabinet makers, so this is where I applied for a job. I was keen to give it a shot because I think there aren’t many crafting trades left that maintain a level of quality as high as this while also matching and joining so many different materials. I’m part of the whole creation process, the link that joins everything, if you will.

I don't play an instrument myself, but I like listening to classical music. Franz Schubert, for example, who composed an uncountable amount of music on pianos and who added so much that just can’t be put into words. You can’t help but fill with wonder sometimes. Sequences, melodies that resonate with you. I consider myself really lucky to be able to work in this piano company today, not least because we have a small stage and occasionally host concerts using a sizeable grand piano.

Every day, I see my co-workers pour their heart and soul into making a perfect instrument. Anyone who plays a Niendorf will note the artisanship that goes into making vertical and grand pianos here. The sound, the perfect set of the keyboard, hammer heads and damping – it’s all in perfect balance, utterly precise.

Besides the professionals from the music industry who get their instruments from us, I’d also love to see our pianos revive some old traditions like making music at home with the family. If our instruments could get people to sit down together to play music again, I think that would be beautiful.

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