Jessica Preuhs

Jessica Preuhs

Management Team / Marketing & Design

Jessica Preuhs

We want everyone to see how much passion and delight we put into Niendorf.

When you’re self-employed, you’re always at work to some extent, a lesson I learnt back when I was a freelance photographer. You never really have enough time for your family. As a single mother of two, it just wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to have time to spend with my kids, to be able to come home after work and give them all of my attention, and to let the job be for the day. I wanted to play with them when they got home from kindergarten, wanted to offer them a normal daily regimen, wanted to be a mother. So I decided to get a boring office job while the kids were still little. Luckily for me, I failed. Instead, I joined Niendorf. There’s nothing boring about my job here, it has massive scope and is really diverse. I’m still expressing my passion for creativity and, because I handle marketing and design, I get to do all kinds of stuff, always right where the action is.

A co-worker once said of me: “You’re the heart of the firm”. I was delighted! Perhaps he thought so because I take care of so many things here at Niendorf. I always have, ever since I started here. I’m in charge of human resources, I do creative work putting together the advertising materials, I take the photos we need and I handle corporate communications in the social media. It’s important to me that the business presents itself in line with the passion and delight all of us at Niendorf feel for pianos and music.

To me, music is something vital. I can give myself over to it completely. I have music on all day long. My kids and me listen to music when we're having breakfast, I have music on when I’m working here at Niendorf, even at night when I go to bed. I get so much out of music, it’s literally good for me.

I always love it when people come to visit us in Luckenwalde and sit down at a grand piano or upright and start playing. That look of delight they get when they hear the instrument’s sound. Watching music affect people is wonderful to behold. Especially in those who come to see us here because we’re all united in our passion for music. It’s not rare for the person playing to lose themselves to the instrument for a moment or two. Those moments are truly magical. Here at Niendorf, I get to be there for these things every day. A lot better than just a boring office job, I think!

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