Markus Ernicke

Markus Ernicke


Markus Ernicke

It is special indeed to work with a wealth of different materials and to witness what is born from the marriage of artisanship and passion.

Have you ever felt a plane slide across fresh wood, the chips falling evenly to create an ever smoother surface? Have you ever felt a saw already intimating the shape of a piece to come? Granted, a managing director isn’t traditionally involved in these things. But perhaps it can give you an idea of what I love so much about piano making: working with a wealth of different materials and witnessing what is born from the marriage of artisanship and passion – our pianos.

My love of craftsmanship was first kindled during my days as an intern and trainee. I always wanted to become a cabinet maker or carpenter. Definitely something involving wood. Ending up in piano making was more of a coincidence, really. When I was looking for an apprenticeship, I heard of a piano company in Luckenwalde who were looking for trainees. I applied and got an internship, and was later taken aboard as an apprentice. I fell in love with the profession on day one. The combination of wood, metal, felt and lacquer – there’s so much there. To me, it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

Even when the company went bust, I just knew I had to stick with piano making. After being self-employed for seven years, Mr Zheng approached me with the offer of becoming Niendorf’s managing director. When I heard that there was someone who wanted to invest in made-in-Germany piano making again, I was absolutely delighted! And we both got on really well right from the start. We could finally both get back into making a name for ourselves in piano making. No two ways about it: that was what I wanted. Utterly. I wanted to be part of Niendorf again.

Today, I’m in an excellent position to share my expertise in piano making with dealers and anyone else who comes to see us in Luckenwalde. Anyone’s welcome to come and take a look around the production site. It really is something special to see, the way everyone at Niendorf puts all of their passion into their work. It makes me really proud. And grateful, too, to be a part of it.

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