Niendorf: My Passion. My Piano.

Niendorf – a name in vertical and grand piano manufacture with a burning passion for pianos. It is with pride that we look back upon more than 120 years of history, and it is with pride that we carry forth the legacy.

A heart and a passion for the unique
With great devotion to artisanship, we have been crafting vertical and grand pianos since 1896 – each of them a custom piece. Our musician clients’ desires are the challenges we relish.

Made in Luckenwalde
We are deeply devoted to breathing new life into traditional piano craft here in Luckenwalde and to rekindling people’s adoration for the quality of our musical masterpieces. Each of our instruments bears forth the soul, music, beauty and passion of Niendorf into the wide world.

Our collaborations with German wood and metal constructors aid in making our production economically viable and support our partners, too. We are deeply committed to creating and preserving local jobs – just one of our reasons for offering apprenticeships under the tutelage of an experienced master piano maker.

Take us to our limits! And find joy in your little masterpiece.

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