Grand pianos by Niendorf – master artisanship

Niendorf baby grand 145

Our Niendorf baby grand continues a long tradition and is afforded a place of honour in our range of grand pianos. During the Vogtländische Musiktage in 1985, the work performed in designing the Zimmermann 145 grand piano and the level of quality achieved received great appreciation, including in the form of a gold medal from Leipziger Messe.

Today, the design is still popular with our clients. Its compact size makes it ideal for use where space is limited but is never of detriment to a full-bodied, rich sound. Quite the contrary! This grand piano is the ideal choice for your own home. Fulfil your dream of having your own grand piano.

Height: 99 cm
Width: 145,6 cm
Length: 145 cm

Niendorf parlour grand 172

For your home or for a small concert venue: if you like things a tad larger, the Niendorf parlour grand is the choice for you. Like all of the grand piano models, the white keys are coated with a special ivory substitute that absorbs perspiration and reduces slipperiness. Our clients are always delighted by the keyboard’s particular grip and pleasant ease-of-play – become one with your instrument.

Height: 99 cm
Width: 148,0 cm
Length: 172 cm

Niendorf semi-concert grand 227

Niendorf stands the test on stage! Clear but still wonderfully warm and rich bass and treble tones swirl through the hall from our semi-concert grand, captivating both the pianist and the rapt audience. From the softest pianissimo to a forceful forte, Niendorf’s voice and volume have won many a great pianist’s heart.

Height: 99 cm
Width: 154,3 cm
Length: 227 cm

Niendorf concert grand 275

The latest addition to our grand piano range was off travelling the globe almost straight away to show itself to the world for the first time in more than 120 years of Niendorf history. 29-year-old master piano maker Friedmar Lohöfener spent an intense thirteen months designing the Niendorf concert grand 275. Thanks to the support of a passionate and highly skilled team, already twenty souls strong, we were able to build the instrument in only five months.

Before sending the grand off to the Music China international trade fair in Shanghai in October 2017, we celebrated the 275’s launch on 7 September 2017 at the hands of internationally renowned master pianist Jörg Demus here at the factory’s own concert hall. The famous pianist has been convinced of Niendorf quality and the skill of our piano makers for decades and was especially taken with this grand piano. To quote him: “I enjoyed it all – the grand, the audience and bringing something new like this to the world.” Touched and honoured, Jörg Demus masterfully played the concert grand 275’s first piano sonatas, drawing forth rich and warm music to a storm of applause from the dealers, suppliers, music aficionados and regional press present, with regional TV and radio broadcaster RBB covering the event live.

Celebrities from the music business also graced the audience, with Anna Loos and keyboarder Ritchie Barton from the band Silly there to enjoy the show. Just like Jörg Demus, who played Niendorf instruments back when he was a student, Anna Loos, too, remembers the traditional brand from her past. Her grandmother owned a brown Niendorf piano with two candle holders. “It’s great to see such things survive,” she said. The instruments “are high-class, not run-of-the-mill” and she is more than happy to act as brand ambassador for them.

Height: 99 cm
Width: 158,8 cm
Length: 275 cm