Niendorf pianos – passion you’ll hear and feel

Niendorf is two things first and foremost: Personality and Passion. The manufacturing reflects these two as much as you, as the proud owner, do yourself. Together with the keyboard’s ease-of-play, it’s the warm, full, romantic sound that captivates our clients time and again, and immediately fills you with a sense of contentment. Having been largely neglected in the recent past, this musical ideal is coming back into vogue. Our classical vertical and grand piano bodies are modelled on Romantic-era instruments. The body forms an image of the sound.

Custom masterpieces to meet any demand
Vertical or grand – any instrument we make will always take your own personal wishes into account. Specific components and materials or colour schemes and veneers, we’ll get you what you want. All of our Niendorf instruments are guaranteed highest quality Made in Germany, a standard reflected in the instruments’ long life and perfect sound. Niendorf pianos are suitable both for beginners and advanced players all the way up to professional pianists and virtuosos.

Perfect sound
All models are revisited designs from earlier periods, taken through a constant process of improvement and development with the aim of achieving the highest-possible quality and reproducing the characteristic Niendorf sound. Using 3D computer-aided design, the separate wooden parts of the rim, the cast harp and even the position of the strings is calculated down the last millimetre. The specially designed lyre and a unique music rack along with other smaller wooden details are manufactured using a high-precision CNC lathe. Our skilled cabinet makers are capable of producing finely detailed veneers, making every instrument a unique piece.

The sound, appearance and materials of our vertical and grand pianos reflect our passion for the instrument – and are icons of true artisanship Made in Luckenwalde.

Get to know our pianos. Here in Luckenwalde, if you want!